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Leslie Dixon has 40 years of puberty coaching experience. She has taught thousands of classes and shared her unique, comprehensive parent-child programs with tens of thousands of couples throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Having spent 25 years as a school nurse teaching Family Life, Health Science and Sex Ed., she continually saw the effects of parent-child disconnection. She founded her company, formerly known as the Birds & Bees Connection, in 2002 to bridge that gap and offer tools, information and connections, empowering parents to be a positive and engaging presence in their children's lives.

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What Parents & Tweens Need To Know About Digital Literacy

January 20, 20232 min read

What is Digital Literacy? “The ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information requires cognitive and technical skills and following digital culture norms and netiquette. 

How does that apply to youth and the utilization of electronics and other platforms? As parents must understand, the use of electronics is part of today’s lexicon, beginning at a very early age. 

I’ve chosen not to use this blog to address its positive or negative merits but to share tools to help parents and young people navigate Digital Literacy. 

  1. Set limits - depending on the child’s age, take the opportunity to engage your child’s critical thinking skills by involving them in setting limits. 

    • You set the parameters, ask for your child’s input, and negotiate a solution that creates a win/win solution.

    • Help them to understand why it’s important to set limits when it comes to electronic use.

    • You can give examples of other limits in their lives.

  2. Set an example - We often accuse our children of being addicted to their electronic devices, but adults are often as addicted as their children. You are the mirror, and they will pick up on your cues. 

    • When you come into the house, unplug

    • Dinner time unplug

    • If your child needs to talk with, you unplug

    • When you’re driving in the car, unplug, use it as a time to connect, and have teachable moments.

  3. Address Digital Footprint - help your child to understand that posts, YouTube comments, and TikTok videos are permanently online, forever, a digital tattoo. 

    • Take a marker and create a tattoo on their arm; if that tattoo were real, it would be with them forever.

    • Let them know that colleges, universities, and future jobs check their digital footprint.

  4. Helping your child to identify credible sources of information 

    • Is the information they quoted current?

    • Is it reputable?

    • Is there an author, and who is it?

    • Where does the information originate? News, research, advertisement, social media applications (IG, Facebook, TikTok)

  5. Final words: besides a lesson on Digital Literacy, they also need

    • Daily physical activity 

    • Remove all electronics from the bedroom-unplug before bedtime.

    • Parents make sure they have a parental control app on their phone (Bark)

    • Stay informed and educated.

Our Self-esteem/Social media and The Bridge classes address Digital Literacy and tools for parents and children to navigate safe use of electronic use. You can find more information on our website at Leslie-dixon.com.  

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Leslie Dixon

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