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Leslie Dixon

Leslie Dixon

Dive into the adventure of parenting with Leslie Dixon. Former school nurse turned superhero puberty coach,  Leslie knows that navigating awkward convos with your kiddos can be like riding a rollercoaster.

Join her vibrant community, once Birds & Bees Connection, where we turn "uncomfy" into "unbelievably fun." Let's celebrate the quirks, giggles, and growth together—puberty's a wild ride, and we've got your back!

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Client Testimonials

Nurse Leslie was amazing. So approachable and explained in an age-appropriate manner. It was such a special opportunity to do this with her girlfriends, so they all learned together. Thank You!

– Tammy –

Both my daughter and I loved the class. Your approach and personality were exactly what the girls needed to feel comfortable about puberty and periods. You made the environment comfortable for the girls and moms. It was a great conversation to have in a group setting. Thank!

– Stacey –

On behalf of our 5th-grade moms and daughters’ group, I just wanted to thank you for your time and leadership. I have been getting positive feedback from the families participating in the sessions. I know that Leah and I found the time very valuable and will continue discussing all the topics.

– Julie –

Great class! I loved the ease and comfort you made the girls feel. You normalized what can be so scary. My daughter and I both thank you.

– Stephanie-

The class was uplifting and totally refreshing. I wasn’t expecting such a positive experience. It was a pleasure to see our girls express themselves and easefully talk about things that were concerning to them. By the completion of the class, the girls and moms felt so much more comfortable with both puberty and periods and felt much better about future conversations. 

– Nina –

It was a positive experience for my daughter and me. You created a fun and creative environment of critical thinking and positivity. I’m now prepared and feel comfortable having future conversations with my daughter. Thank you so much! 

– Sonja –

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