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Leslie Dixon has 40 years of puberty coaching experience. She has taught thousands of classes and shared her unique, comprehensive parent-child programs with tens of thousands of couples throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Having spent 25 years as a school nurse teaching Family Life, Health Science and Sex Ed., she continually saw the effects of parent-child disconnection. She founded her company, formerly known as the Birds & Bees Connection, in 2002 to bridge that gap and offer tools, information and connections, empowering parents to be a positive and engaging presence in their children's lives.

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Top 6 Reasons Parents Don't Have the Sex Talk!

January 05, 20231 min read

Why is having the sex talk with your child such a challenge? No matter what your child’s age, if you’re lucky enough to have them come to you with questions about sex and other sensitive topics, don’t let your fears and concerns stop you from having the “Talk.” If your child comes to you, it’s important to be honest and tell the truth, and they’ll know if you’re lying. If you don’t know how to answer their questions, be honest and tell them, but make sure you get back to them with a response. Once you’ve started the conversation, make sure to find teachable moments moving forward.

6 reasons parents resist having the “Talk.” 

Number 1 – Too Young – My child is too young to hear this information; this is a topic for much later.

Number 2 –Too much resistance from my child – Every time I start the conversation, my child rolls her eyes and tells me she knows everything.

Number 3- If I have that discussion with my child, they might go out and use the information.

Number 4- Don’t know where to start and afraid to say the wrong thing.

Number 5 – I’m waiting for them to come to me.

Number 6 - Too busy to take a class. Our schedules don’t allow it.

As valid as many of these reasons are, the bottom line is that young people today must have the information when it comes to the topic of sex. By nature, kids are curious, and if their questions and concerns aren’t addressed by a parent or an adult, they will go to their peers or the internet.  Our new e-course, Puber-Tea and Where Babies Come From, addresses the topic factually and makes future conversations much easier. We have you covered!

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Leslie Dixon

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